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Report - - Alton Towers 13/01/08 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Alton Towers 13/01/08

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I should have danced all night
28DL Full Member
Visited with Benwrx.

Beats paying full whack for a theme park! I think this was the ultimate in stealth explores and exploring on possibly the wettest night of the year just added to the adventure:thumb It was very hard to navigate round the site because of not using any torches and the moment we looked at any light, BAM!-Night vision was lost! After battling through forests and streams, we got to the first ride which was "Air". We tried to get into the main shed where the seats were and narrowly avoided a camera that was the size of a bus!:eek:

Next it was the Ribsaw which had scaffolding on it and sounded like it had people working on it but we sneaked in and took photos and snook out quickly. Then we went on to explore the gardens which had crazy bridges of death and Edward Scissorhands style hedges and next onto the mansion!

And finally, we nipped over to Nemesis to get a group shot:)

Anyway, here's my photos, a bit rubbish coz they're all really high ISO and taken with a very rainy lens:eek: Thanks to Ben for a wicked night:thumb

Group shot

The mansion which is used for the Hex ride

Bridge that you're not supposed to go on for a reason

The Ribsaw

Overlooking the park from the top of Ribsaw

The Ribsaw seats

Big sign

The beginning bit of Air

The rest of Air:)