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Report - Alton Towers Theme Park, Staffordshire - November 2012.


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You know that never ending UE list that sits on your PC/in your car/in your pocket, well this was another one from mine.

Theme parks are great at night, flood lights destroy your photos and there is a ball/dome camera every couple of paces. we’ve already annoyed other theme park enthusiasts and bosses alike at Blackpool and Camelot.

10 of us met up in the freezing cold Staffordshire countryside and set about walking through lots and lots of forest.

Everyone does that quiet shouting at each other too, I bet you’ve all done it in the past, doesn’t really matter when you’re crashing through bushes cause the park cleaners are whizzing close by in their little machines.

I’ve included a map to show you where to go if you’d like to, its like a normal day at the park except you spend more time in the dark forest rather than in the queues for the rides.

Back in the day an Iron Fort originally occupied the site, the castle was built after the Norman conquest, transformed later to a hunting lodge, then into a stately home, it spent some time as a derp around the second world war and then in the 80’s turned into the theme park that it still is today.

It pulls 2.7 million visitors a year and costs you a fuckin arm and a leg to go for the day.

Shouts to Millhouse, Bigjobs, Nick, Fishbrain, Kate, Suboffender, Jack, Leaf, Mortal Decay. I’ve put a few snaps down cause i know the others have some to add.






peace, G.​

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