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Report - Amadeus Nightclub, Aberdeen. 09.01.10


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Visited with myself :D

I don't know where to begin....
Amadeus Nightclub opened in August 1997, it was run by First Leisure and was the first of it's kind in Scotland.
It was classed as Scotland's largest "discoteque" with a capacity of 1200 [I think] and it had a dancefloor which moved up and down, 5 bars, a diner and other stuff which I can't remember!

I worked here from the opening night in 1997 to the summer of 2001, many good memories...
met many famous faces here including Hunter the Gladiator, Timmy Mallet and Billy Piper wooooo :gay
It's located down at the beach which was a bit of a nightmare to get to, and getting home from that area at town at 3am was not the greatest.... which lead to it's closure in 2006.
It's been lying empty since.

Since I got into this hobby 2 years ago, Amadeus has been on top of my list. I tried many a way getting into here, asking permission from the selling folk, etc but got denied.

Today was by complete chance.... on my way to ASDA the traffic was horrendous so I decided to go along the beachfront and I did a double take.... I saw a chinese man in High Viz vest come out of the back fire exit. OH My god... I drove into the car park and there was a huge skip at the entrance and a man chucking things into it!

I walked up to him and it was clear he didn't speak any english. I pulled out my camera and pointed to the door, he just looked at me blankly.
The main door was wide open, so I walked in and I just stood there for a few minutes soaking it all in. I'd waited years to get in here and these men were ripping it apart. There was about 10 of them, none spoke English. I smiled and tried to explain that I used to work here and I did gay hand signals of pouring a pint. Nothing.
Oh well... off I went to take snaps!

PS no tripod as I dont carry one when I go to ASDA so camera was balanced on things :D

This is one of my own photos taken from the light box in 1997,
The lights were horrendous, like Huge OAP lampshades!



Looking onto the dancefloor...
The lampshade lights from the roof all lying on the floor :/




The VIP Bar upstairs.
It has a padded roof which looks so comfy!
Membership to get access to this bar cost £500 a year but John the doorman always let me & my friends in for free.
And it was deeed. No celebs ever in here on my night off!




The "Burns Bar" area... Used to have Scottish tatt lying about!
Bit of tartan left on the walls.



Whats left of "The Secret Garden" bar.


The Casino Bar.



The Gothic Bar.



Main Entrance.


So in little time, it will be completley stripped, the men have been hard at work and removed a lot of interior walls, all the toilets, reception, memberships, cloakroom, diner, staff areas are all gone :/
From the little converstation I had with the men, it looks like it's going to be a Chinese restaurant afterall as stated in the local newspaper!

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