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Report - American Adventure Theme Park, Derbyshire - June 2013


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Just a short report as there’s not a much left of the theme park now, but thought it was worth following up some previous reports I’ve seen. I used to visit the place as a kid and when I saw the earlier reports I got curious as to whether the lands been bought – it doesn’t seem so. Being a regular visitor and having watched its steady decline I was sad to see it abandoned.

First report so feedback appreciated :)

The American Adventure opened in 1987 and was one of the first fully themed parks in the UK styled around the American West. It included rides and themed areas as well as shows depicting Cowboys and Native Americans.
By the mid-90s however, the park began to decline and break away from its original theme. Notably the Gladiators themed twin looper, Iron Wolf was introduced. In the following years as visitor numbers suffered, many of the smaller rides started to close and staffing and maintenance of larger rides began to suffer. By 2005 most of the larger rides were closed due to disrepair or safety concerns and were replaced with new children’s rides. For the following season The American Adventure was rethemed as a family park, but it was too late and in January 2007 its owners confirmed it would not reopen for the new season.
Over its lifetime the park featured amongst others, coasters Buffalo Stampede, Runaway mine train, The Missile and Twin Looper; the Motion Master cinema, Tennessee Tentacles, Rocky Mountain Rapids and the log flume Nightmare Niagara, at one time the tallest in the UK. Evidence of these remains but the park has largely been demolished. What remains are sadly overgrown paths around the lake, ride footprints and rubble.


Entrance sign and car parks


Sign on the surrounding fence


A bridge near to the original entrance


Possibly a ride control box


Evidence of themed buildings remains amongst the rubble


Most of the railings and paths remain


From memory this was the launch point for pedaloes on the lake


Bridge across the remains of a water ride, possibly Nightmare Niagara, the log flume


The rapids track is still visible


...although some of it has been filled in


This could have been the launch for the Buffal stampede coaster, which once went across the edge of the lake.


This was the tee for the hole in one golf challenge, where players had to reach an island which floated in the lake, the island itself is now secured at the side.


Positions of rides are visible, I think this might have been where the twin looper once stood


Crazy golf course is still visible

Donna M

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28DL Full Member
wow, this places looks like it would be good to have a walk through. pity more of the original park detail is overgrown now though!


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28DL Full Member
I know it's all long been flattened but can you still freely walk around the site or is it fenced off?


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28DL Member
The site is fenced off, with warning signs everywhere. There are probably some ways of getting in, but I didn't try. Around the area are public footpaths so you can look into the site from some vantage points.

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