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This shoe company once had about 28 factories in this area, and it actually built two entire neighboring towns Endicott, and Johnson City for it's tens of thousands of workers. The "EJ" company was one of the biggest shoe companies in the world and during the immigration rush to America it became a known phrase to stereotype Eastern European's as being only able to say "which way EJ" when they arrived at Ellis Island.

This factory is pretty much wrecked now, but these pics go back to when there was some Stuff laying about.

1) from a distance

2) from the front:

3: the sign lies:

4) inside looking out

5) art?

6) forgodsakes people...I want those tools in the right spot

7) some ancient machine...I believe it's all been junked now

8) this would make ping pong much more challenging

9) even that telephone company has been gone for 20 years



12 I have spent an outrageous amount of time trying to research up the accident that MUST have caused all these signs (no luck)

13 rungless drain near loading dock. This thing spews the most EVIL imaginable. Sometimes horrid horrid smoke comes out of it. There was another conglomerate very nearby (IBM) and they polluted the area damn good. People in houses all over this neighborhood have pollution hook up testing things in their basements and naturally are quite pissed.

14) it is my belief that what the internet needs is an overblown pic of peeling paint.

15 A book which was pretty much obviously paid for depicts the ceo of the company driving up the hill in the background and looking down on this factory (which was the last built and the model he was always looking for) and the neighboring factories (gone). There are arches built over main roads in town lionizing "George F" (Johnson). He bought a lot of love to keep unions out, but also did start from the bottom and seems like a good guy.

16) this was originally one of their other factories (demoed last year)

17) also the other factory

18) other factory was a hellhole

19) back to the factory that starts the thread

20) ah, poor Ange looks like Ozzy in this:

21) this place needs a coat of paint

Ok...that's prolly more than enuf.
here are just a few research shorties

1) in about 1923 two guys were found to be stealing pipes from the factory grounds with a horse and buggy. This company was so big it had it's own police force, fire department, and hospital. Anyway, their coppers chased the thieves who then started throwing the pipe out into the road piece by piece. But they got busted.

2) In the 1960's this company's shoes were utterly passe and the wane was beginning. But that didn't stop the mafia from pulling up to the loading dock and hijacking an entire truckbed of shoes. This operation was busted in New York City where the police observed known mafia players regularly leaving a bar with boxes and boxes of EJ shoes.

3) on my very first visit there (went maybe 7 times) I had a Fright when I got to one of the upper floors. I became aware of an authoritative voice just BELLOWING. I thought sure I was being ordered to come out. But I looked out a window and saw a bunch of kids running to a house where Mean daddy stood on porch. I was looking down on one of the many parks this company donated to the towns. There is a pool there. And I found this article about the donation of the pool. (Company publicized every donation of course).
Anyway,..the article was nothing but fluff of course. A description of the happy kids splashing. But some little girl approached the reporter and asked him what he was doing etc. And I don't know why I save up this trivia, but the point is, he saw fit to mock her body in several sentences of blazing cruel descriptions. I havn't seen the article in years, so I don't want to misquote, but the point is he made mention of stuff like her "grubby pudgy fingers" , and perhaps her "waddling", and a few other things. It was so BIZZARE of a rant for a fluff piece article about a pool. I have always looked down on that pool from the roof or windows ever since then and pictured that girl reading this thing in the paper the next day. Welcome to the world of crushing snotty cruelty!