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Report - Amsterdam Noor/Zuid, Lijn 52 & High Street, Netherlands - 2016


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Amsterdam's Crossrail

Yeah so I could say what I like but we all know why I was in Amsterdam, Drugs?!?! Red Lights?!?! Of course not!
Metro of course...

What's Noord Zuid?


North/south, that's pretty much it, a new metro line that goes from the north to the south and funnily enough back again from south to north. Amsterdam hasn't got much of an underground train scene as It isn't that big and relies mainly on it's incredible tram system to lug it's inhabitants around. Along the high street the trams struggle from the central station into the high street so now they've built a new system to get you from A to B and further. This project has been a long time coming and was due to be completed a few years ago, unfortunately it got delayed and it's due for opening next year. Have a read on what I've copied and if you;re interested have a further read on the link:

In 2002 the construction of the Noord-Zuidlijn (North-South Line) was started. The new metro line will be the first to go from the Amsterdam North district, underneath the IJ. From there, it will run via Amsterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Zuid, which is planned to become, after Amsterdam Centraal, the second biggest transport hub in the city. The line includes a mixture of bored tunnels and immersed tunnels under the river IJ.

The construction programme has experienced several difficulties, mainly at Amsterdam Centraal, resulting in the project running more than 40% over budget and the opening being delayed several times. The project initially had a budget of €1,46 billion, but after several setbacks the total cost estimation has been adjusted to €3,1 billion (price level 2009). The original planned opening was for 2011 but as of July 2016 completion is scheduled for July 22, 2018.

The North-South Line might be extended to the Local Airport in the future.

In August 2014, it was announced that the line will be equipped with 4G mobile phone coverage, to be funded jointly by the major mobile phone operators.



So I was away with my ms and went out for a little look around. Managed 2 pretty cool little spots thankfully. This was Station Rokin, Next one to Centraal closest on the high street. I spotted these previously in the day and thought it was something different, I had read up about this a while ago and knew it was still in production. Pretty easy getting in and out and managed a roof in between the 2 as well as some fresh track experience that apparently they were testing trains on already (glad the third rail was covered...). Pretty cool system and surprisingly different to Crossrail entirely. Check a few of my pics, I would have liked to have done the centraal station but I hadn't know how dank it was until about 5 minutes before typing this, so sorry, you'll prob have to wait until some I go back or some other urbex happens. Enjoy :)


Few from a little nearer the top and then going down.


Slowly getting further in


And further


And further until I could hear something hurtling away down the tracks


Too late might as well just try and catch a train I suppose



People obvs down the tunnel


Didn't care because I was used to hearing things that aren't actually there from Similar, few of you will know what I mean!]





I knew much wasn't going to change and...


...By this point clanging similar familiar noises were very prominent and without much trouble I headed out


Ended up here instead


Not mega high but doesn't need to be here

Loos like a fridge magnet



Was Going to do this but couldn't push my luck hah


For some odd reason Amsterdam has lots of red lights?


Hope you enjoyed :D Probably shouldn't be in public but I cba. Thanks!​


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