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Report - Andoversford ROC Post - Gloucestershire Group - 26/05/2010


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Andoversford ROC Post - Gloucestershire Group

Date Opened: September 1963
Date Closed: September 1991

The post is DEMOLISHED. The farmer demolished the post in 1992. No trace of anything remains. Still, not seen this one on here before, so here you go.

Joe, Max and I went here hoping that the post had un-demolished itself. Unfortunately it was not so. :(

The post as it was:


The same spot today:


ROC exploring is not as easy when you don't have access to a car. Max was not impressed when he found out he had cycled 20 miles uphill, to see where a bunker that closed before he was born used to stand. :rolleyes:


A fun trip anyway.

I'll put the ones I've done in alphabetical order from now on:

Andoversford ~ Barnwood ~ Poulton ~ Stoke Orchard ~ Westbury-on-Severn

I'm getting there slowly!


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