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Report - Andrew Gibson House (Wallasey, Apr, 2018)


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Minimal history: Edwardian mansion, built in 1906 for sailors’ widows, empty for about 15 years, not listed.

This is one of the most obvious pieces of dereliction in Wallasey, situated on the coast road in nice grounds, with a view out over the Mersey.

There have been numerous attempts to redevelop it over the years, meanwhile the roof has gone in several places and the floors below are beginning to collapse.

This venture was actually a plan B - I had intended to look at a church just up the road but that turned out to be alarmed (no bad thing in truth).

All I knew from previous observations of the Gibson house was there were often groups of kids hanging around and that it never seemed to be accessible at ground level, so a climb would be necessary.

There is one previous report https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/the-andrew-gibson-memorial-home-for-seamans-widows-wallasey-january-2017.107204/ and nothing much has changed, although the rather tidy attic gets an outing here.

Interior pictures go from the basement up.



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Nice report and pix urbanchemist. Some of those rooms must have fab views of the river.

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