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Report - Angel Court (Bank) Crane, London, November 2015


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28DL Full Member
The Building

Formerly a 24 story office building called One Angel Court, constructed in 1979. It's being completely revamped. The octagonal tower is being stripped to its core, re-clad with glass, an extra floor is being squeezed in, and some low rise buildings are being added around the base - complete with roof gardens. Apparently it's in a conservation area, so if they demolished they would only get planning permission for an 11 floor replacement. Keeping the core means they can sidestep this.

The Visit

After arriving at Scumtek just after the riot cops showed up, and witnessing a kid get bitten by a police dog, it was time for plan b. Angel Court presented an invitingly tall crane for the consumption of a few cans.




After 15 minutes the fog started rolling up the Thames

The Eye of Sauron piercing all shadows looked across the plain...

... watchful over the Bank of England (bottom left)


London is Gotham City


Yung explorer
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Great shots, if you stayed a little bit longer the fog would literally cover most of the pic, like above said it'll be a shot.


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28DL Full Member
Scumtek was insane, didn't even get in and it was still a night to remember.
Nice pics man, fog looks great. :)
Ta, yeah, I got round the riot cops, but was thwarted by the dogs. Ended up having a civil chat with a copper surrounded by raining glass and two-by-four - we agreed to disagree.

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