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Report - Angel Croft Hotel, Lichfield August 2014


grumpy sod
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It's been a little while since I chucked something old up on here, so here is another slice of my archive nostalgia from the time I was in the sin bin.

There isn't a lot of information around about the hotel, it was originally a large house built for a wine merchane called George Adams in 1750, and was converted into a hotel in 1930 and was listed at Grade II* in 1970. It closed a few years prior to 2014 and spent some time to itself decaying rather nicely, plenty of peely paint galore to be found in the entrance hallway area. I don't tend to explore many hotels as I personally think the vast majority are just a bit boring but this one was rather nice.

Shortly after my visit work began to convert it into apartments.

I was quite a fan of the staircase in here as you may be able to tell...

Thanks for looking :)​


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I actually know the person working on the conversion. He took us in there a couple of times. It's a good little mooch. Not sure if it's been converted yet.

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