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Report - Angel croft hotel, Lichfield - June 2014


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The angel croft hotel in Lichfield I cant find a lot of history on this place this is what I found :)
The building itself was built in 1750 and is a grade ll listed building it was first used as a wine merchants and then in the 1930s became a hotel.


There isn't much left inside there but it was an interesting place the stair case was lovely and we had fun playing barmaids in the bar to that was cool :)














thanks for looking


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Thats really not so bad. Like you say that stair case is nice. The art deco tiolet sign is great and that lovely vintage "Arkwright's cash register"
Would of been much nicer light painted though instead of the harsh flash but very good effort all the same.

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Good stuff there :) Only issue is the pictures need to re-sized but apart from that, cracking stuff :)


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Cheers guys it was pitch black inside I will have a look into resizing the pictures I thought they were abit big :)


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Well I never!
I used to look after the fire alarm in that place years ago when I worked for Gent!
That was about 10 years ago, and it was in a bit of a state then... Funny chap the owner was, wouldn't spend any money on the place, the alarm equipment was pretty old & out of date back then!
Any idea when It closed down?
In fact, in pic.2 just in front of the expelair fan, there's a goldy coloured object on the ceiling. That's a heat detector on the fire alarm.... From the 70/80's!


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I live a 5 minute walk away from this building. Go past everyday noticing more changes to the gate. Can you please tell me how you got in. Around the back there is also a little building that creeped me out.


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I think it's been closed for a while mate,I can believe that about the owner still a nice little explore for us tho :)


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Beautiful photos. I looked at having my wedding reception here in 2003, but it was tired and old fashioned. It closed finally in 2008, although I understand the owners were still living in the hotel for some time. It was sold to a hotel chain in 2010, who wanted to restore it, but the costs of renovating the listed building were considered too high. A planning application was submitted in December 2013 to transform it to 8 apartments.

The car park is used but has a HUGE hole near the entrance, making it positively dangerous to drive into!

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