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Report - Angel of the Northeast....May 09

stepping lightly

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A good few years ago, a guy in a digger was sent to field on a hill and told to dig a big hole , day after day he dug and dug till he had a huge hole , as he watched , a lode of cement mixers came along and tipped cement in the hole and when that dried in drives a gigantic crane followed by a waggon with a strange looking thing on the back.
"What the bejipers is that" he muttered to himself..
As the crane lifted the strange looking object to its feet the man got a clearer picture of what he thought it was going to be , but minutes later up drives a second wagon with what looked like aeroplane wings on the back :confused
As he stood there mouth agog the crane stook two wings in the side of the upstanding figure..
The man scratched his head , got back in his digger and drove off , pulling out of the gate he looked back in disbelief...

(Picture given to me by a top guy)
Fast forward to yesterday Userscott is sat in his digger , digging away when his mobile rings "Helllllo"
"Northeast tonight yes no" S.L
"Erm I go on then , whats it to be"
"Angel if its dry , **** if its wet"S.L
"Yaz" S.L
"Naa hes in Venice"
"We need 3" S.L
"I know just the person , leave that with me !!"
With that he put his phone back in his pocket and continued to dig.

Fast forward another 6 hours we are outside ASDA in larlarland picking up Urbanfox , we do a quick trip to the stimulating drinks isle and head further north. As we come to the brow of the hill there it stands like a sledge hammer to the eyes...

By hook and by crook we got a safety line up , Userscott shot up first , in no time he was on the shoulder , where he took in his words "A mental picture" if you close your eyes and listen for the wind you may see it (Naaaa):rolleyes:
I shot up second...its a monumental climb..
A bit of look at size of my knot by Userscott..

Then Urbanfox showed us how it was really done..

A massive effort saw her stood on the wing top with a smile you could see from the ground

A few quick snaps and down she came...
We all wish we could have sat up there longer as its just such a special place..
What did you do last night ?
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