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Report - Annesley Colliery

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
After spending a stupid amount of time in traffic, finally made it to Annersley to meet Dweeb. I'd wanted to see a Colliery for some time and it didn't dissapoint. A really interesting site with lots of history.

Dweeb gave me a running history which helped explain the layout. Started off in the bath house. The miners would come up from the face and first clean their boots on this wonderful little machine.

Then into the 'dirty side' to dump their clothes in their lockers.

Then the actual showers, each with numbers corresponding to lockers.

The clean side where they would put their civies back on.

Then hand their number so it could be put on the board so they know who was up and who was down.

We then checked out the electricians workshop and found some interesting plans, hand written notes etc. Then onto the headstock. Really great to see this.


And to climb it. Top day, big thanks to dweeb :thumb.

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