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Lead or Rumour info - Another ex-footwear factory gone in Leicestershire - one for Dweeb


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Here's a few details, while I've been away over new year there was a BIG factory fire in Barwell, about half a mile from my house (and directly adjacent to a friend's house)



There's lots on youtube and Google, but the reason its of interest on here is I know that Dweeb in particular has covered much of the demise of the leicestershire hosiery and shoe industry. The factory in this fire was used by a company called Arden Direct Ltd, but was formed from two ex boot and shoe works, Harvey and Harvey Co. and one of George Ward's works.

The old historic part of the building looks to be completely destroyed, the newer office section appears to be not too badly affected, though that is without the benefit of seeing it as I'm up in Sheffield not at home!!