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Another Newbie intro!


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Hi Everyone,

I joined a couple of weeks ago and have been secretly lurking in the background having a look at lots of posts to see what i've been missing out on!
I'm totally new to the Urban exploring scene, but I have had a long time interest. It's taken me so long to get into because until I joined here and looked through the posts, I didn't realise how much was hidden away nearby.
Speaking of nearby, I'm based Just outside Chelmsford, Essex, i'm about to turn 39 and I will be going on exploring adventures with a friend (Not a member).
I don't really have a preference of what I want to explore, It could be an old house, or a castle and everything inbetween. I like to see the way nature takes back buildings and land and think about the the daily life of buildings, the hussle and bussle that was once there before they became old and retired.
For my soft introduction into the world I am going to just go to some places like beacon hill fort and the battery in Shoeburyness and build up to some more impressive explorations. I know there's probably some eye rolling going on but everyone starts somewhere! I'm also a bit of a photography fan so these places will at least cure one itch out of the two :)

Anyway that's way more of an introduction than I planned (apologies!) and I look forward to having something to share with you all soon!



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Welcome to 28DL.

If you haven't read it yet please spend a few minutes reading the newbies guide (it's linked on the main page and at the top of this subsection). Following on from that is the guide to posting a report (again, linked at the top of this section). There are a few more stickies around which should be read as you come across them.

So, housekeeping out of the way.....

Nothing wrong with your introductory post or it's length. It's far better than most people write ;)
I doubt anyone who matters is rolling their eyes regarding your ideas for an 'easy' start. Explore what you are comfortable with, it's not a competition and the point is to enjoy yourself and probably learn a few things on the journey...about yourself, about history, photography etc.

Above all, have fun and stay safe.

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