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Report - Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot, East Boldon - July 2020


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East Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot (HER1829) is the last of its type in the North East of England. The sister site of this depot which provided ammunition etc. to the Anti-Aircraft Batteries located north of the River Tyne at Killingworth was demolished in 2014/15 with the land being used for housing.

You can read more about the history here - Boldon Camp. Felt like it was best to just link the document as there is a lot of writing.

The Explore

Before we arrived at the depot, we thought this would have been a tough place to get into given it was near a housing estate. Turns out it was really easy. We strolled in and started exploring. Don’t be alarmed if you see anyone walking through because it’ll most likely be a dog walker or maybe even a fellow explorer!

All of the buildings are in ruins, however they are covered in amazing graffiti, which makes the explore worth your while. Most of the graffiti is where the warehouse would have been, and it makes you wonder how people can actually create those kinds of designs. There isn’t much to explore around the buildings as it’s the graffiti that’s the main attraction. We noticed the ruins of a small hut (we think), so we decided to take a look. Funnily enough we found a quite decent settee, along with the makings of a house such as the fireplace and the layout of some rooms. The settee would have looked good in my living room, unfortunately we didn’t have any room in the car!

We took a trip around the back, where we found a series of bunkers. There were about five in total and they were all identical. For the most part, they were pretty empty, apart from a few rooms been full of bits and bobs. There was one room that was filled with roof tiles, so unless someone was planning on a new roof, I don’t know why they were there. The graffiti on show was quite impressive, except from the few half-hearted attempts from a few previous artists.

On the whole, even though there wasn’t a lot to explore, this is one of the best explores we have done due to the fact we could spend as long as we wanted. If you’re looking an easy, but impressive explore, I would highly recommend the Anti-Aircraft Depot.











Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed. We have many more reports coming your way, so stay tuned!​


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When I looked on Google Earth it shows what look like at least one underground structure and there are some more structures in the next field so quite a large site. Shame it's so trashed now must have been impressive at one time.