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Question - Any lawyers around to interpret this sign I saw?

Bertie Bollockbrains

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Hello all.

Did a site today and on the fence was a sign saying "Children keep out. You will be prosecuted" and that's the exact words it said.

It so happens that I didn't get caught, but if I had do you think I could had successfully argued with secca or in a court of law that the sign specifically referred to children and that, as a 43 year old, the sign was not an instruction in any way for me to keep out? Or would they just laugh at me.

Miss Mayhem

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
It's a good point and I can see the argument ,
But I think you would still be in trouble.
If you got a good Lawyer you could have a case against it,
But it depends if it would hold in court as a defence.

The Kwan

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Im no Lawyer but I am sure that you cannot prosecute a child anyway mate, normally for kids it is a Smacked bottom and a spell on the naughty step, but I aint so sure that parents cant be prosecuted for a minors actions, so the sign is probably utter codswallop :)


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Trespass law would apply, the sign could say anything really. There is no law a child could be prosecuted under for such an offence. It's one size fit's all.


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28DL Full Member
I reckon it would cost more to hire the lawyer than you would be fined or sued etc haha But I do love the thought of the kids getting arrested and you waving them off and carrying on :)


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I notice a sign once saying trespassers will be eaten,
that means if secca & their dogs had eaten me there wouldnt be a case :D

Miss Mayhem

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28DL Full Member
I saw a sign once that said trespassers will be shot,
If you survive you will be shot again.