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Question - Any places in London/Surrey

Lauren Victoria

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Hi all I'm new to this but I've always been SO interested in adventure, exploring, photography, history and abandoned buildings! (I think I got it all) so of course I'd love to go myself. I've always read stories about people exploring and browsed pictures, while watching ghost shows I always wanted to just explore the building haha.
I live in south London, close to Surrey but I will be soon moving to Germany so me and my friend thought it would be a great idea as a last meeting/day out to go to an abandoned building and explore, take photos. Because we might not meet for a very long time this would be very memorable.
And now you know my sort of backstory I just wanted to ask if anyone knew where we could go? We do live in south London but Surrey is accessible and we would have all the equipment. So if anyone could help that would be amazing - thank you!! And asylums/ hospitals sound pretty cool but if there aren't any left :( then somewhere else would be cool too
P.s I have no idea how to post this sorry if it's in a wrong forum

Heroic J

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Well...you DID have Cane Hill...8 years ago...a visit would have been on any urb exer's 'to do' list, but that place sadly doesn't exist in its entirety anymore, but point is, it was a legendary psychiatric hospital in the Surrey area, missed by all


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There's a fantastic mortuary in St. Peter's chertsey. Currently able to get in but it gets re boarded up quite a lot

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