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Lead or Rumour info - Anyone been in here? Hawkhurst, Kent


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Having done a search for 'hawkhurst' I'd say nobody has reported that place from here

So either its still in use or nobody has stumbled across it yet

Give it a go :thumb let us know how you get on


big in japan
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Looks live to me, probably full of transformers. You probably won't die but you will set off an alarm. If you're really lucky, you might even get sprayed with SMARTwater.

Good luck with that.


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A quick bit of googling suggests that this could be disused. A planning application from 2010 mentions a problem with frequent powercuts caused by the substation being unable to cope with peak demand. it'll have either been upgraded or replaced.

I'd do what paul suggests and see if you can hear it humming or see lights through the window. If you can, then refer to what fishbrain is saying.. :p:

Mrs prototype

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28DL Full Member
I work opposite it, all day every day and never seen anyone go in or out, which is why I wondered! It's got broken windows and the doors cracked but the keep out sign has so far kept me out!