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Anyone from Southport UK?

Chenobyl 86

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Hi All,
I am currently in Ukraine and have just spent 2 days in Chenobyl exploring abandoned buildings and roof climbing and now have the taste for urban exploration. Is anyone from around my area interested in ainsdale high school and the old Victorian underground? Love to hear from fellow enthusiasts


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Been trying to get in Ainsdale for ages, I'm a local sondgrounder and Neville Street Probarly doesn't exist anymore, welcome willing to help you out!

Chenobyl 86

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28DL Member
Thanks for replying. As I am completely new to this when I arrive back in the UK I am going to familiar myself with some buildings and pay a few visits to gain an insight into how things work and accessibility. Being a complete novice I wouldn't want to put anyone else in danger until I have a little bit of experience. I have seen you have been a member for a long time so any advice would be appreciated on what equipment to take for example, face masks, tools etc.... Also I am aware Chenobyl has been battered but would you recommend using this as a practice for a report? Thanks again


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Read the survival guide, then read most of the help and advice section as theres all kinds of threads on gear, torches, cameras etc. etc. If you have any specific questions that you cant find an answer too just ask.

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