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Question - Anyone recognize this factory? - Bristol, Bath Road


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This is a building I drove past today, and was intruiged by. It is apparently a factory and has been left derelict for years, and I am very interested in finding out about it. There is hardly anything on the internet about it, so if you know anything about it I would be very grateful if you could let me know. It would really help me out, thanks



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Yup it's storage space for something. I got in about 9 years ago and it was full of plastic toy dogs :D


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Used to be the old firework factory. Dunno if they made them or sold them, just remember it used to have signs out the front advertising fireworks. This was yonks ago.


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Can't believe anyone would be using this place.. And if they are then mabye for some dodgy business or something


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Funny guy;) And nah I was looking for away in so that if I get there, I don't want to not know how to get in and be disappointed
Sorry but unfortunately that's not the way it works, it's not wise to openly chat about how to get into somewhere on a forum that every man & his dog can see & in future maybe try contributing to the forum a bit before asking for help. Anyway as Oxygen Thief said it would be irrelevant now anyway. Might be a pain in the arse but the best way is to go & see for yourself, expect not to get in & you won't be disappointed :thumb


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I dropped by there very recently and went for a little look around.

It's possibly the best boarded-up building I've ever seen. Frankly, I'm just surprised anyone would spend that much money on stopping people from accessing a place. Usually owners will have wooden boards screwed over windows and doors, but not here! Every way in is either a locked metal door, or has been blocked up with cemented breeze blocks. Even the upper floor windows (which are only accessible with a ladder or some pretty funky climbing trickery) have been been filled in with breeze blocks. Whoever owns the building really doesn't want people getting in there.

That said, nothing is impossible and I'm sure one could get inside if they really really wanted to, but doing so would require breaking down a door or cutting through a lock, which certainly isn't what urban exploring is all about. Personally, I'd advise giving this spot a miss and accepting that no-one is getting in there any time soon.

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