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Anything exciting in Leicestershire?


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Hi all, we are new to the forum, me and my partner are Leicestershire based, we have visited and pictured a good amount of disused buildings, farms houses, factories, RAF, WW2 bases ect. the problem we are having now is we can’t think or find anywhere else new we can visit, we do travel but like to keep It under an hour unless it’s something really quite substantial (Derbyshire fire station HQ is highly recommend if you can sneak past the security camera).

I’m unsure how this forum works at the minute, so found it would be easier for me to start a Leicestershire area thread, we look forward to reading some suggestions!

anything goes! If it’s old, forgotten or has some history or story to it we are all over that! Not overly keen on the recently derelict, I don’t drink but I guess it’s the same principle as aged wine I suppose.. (although anticipating BRUSH Loughborough factory closure)

Thank you! we look forward to seeing where this thread goes! Happy to share locations for locations after some trust is earned! :thumb


(A couple of my pictures for attention) ;)



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It would be a good idea to have a read of this thread -

Information - - 28 Days Later Survival Guide for Newbies. | 28DL - Advice, Questions & Information | 28DaysLater.co.uk

Suggestions are not really given out willy nilly as the forum does not work that way. As you have visited and pictured a good amount of disused buildings, farms houses, factories, RAF, WW2 bases, etc., sticking up some reports of these explores would also be a good idea as people will be able to see what you are about and what you do. Also, people will be more likely to share information / meet-up if they see you are serious about getting out there.

Also, there is a search engine on the forum and entering 'Leicestershire' currently returns 20+ pages hits.

Good luck.

PS Pics not showing.


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Further to the previous from @cunningcorgi it will probably also help you to have a read of this sticky post about posting reports: