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Report - April 2017 Haddon tunnel - Derbyshire


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So i'm a member of afew railway groups on facebook and this tunnel popped up in conversation afew times so jumped in the car with my partner in crime and the dogs and drove 90mins to go have a look. Still good to find a tunnel that you can get into, even if someone else has smashed a hole into the block wall! Gonna take my stupid laptop an age to post all 120odd photos we took so i'll limit it to afew of the good ones for now....



Surveying the portal before climbing down to climb in.

The sleeper that got away.....

Its amazing how nature takes hold. God knows how the tree managed to grow there.

Why so many refuges and of different shape and size?

No idea what had been happening here with all the shotgun cartridges but we didnt hang around to find out!

A distinct change in tunnel profile, probably where the tunnel goes from being a conventional bore to a cut and cover under the grounds of Haddon hall.

The box shaft (or whatever you want to call it). You can just make out the light from the far portal in the distance.

Could probably walk the tunnel without a torch going by the amount of light that seeps in.

back out into the daylight at the far portal.

After stopping for a ciggy break, we walked back through and headed back to the car and over to Millers dale so we could walk part of the monsal trail (i'll start a new post for those pics)

Thanks for looking.....


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Some nice pics there. Looks like a great Tunnel for a mooch about.


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Is indeed. Abit tricky to climb through the hole if youre not very flexible although we mananged to get a big dog through so anythings possible. Only need a torch for the 1st part as its on a curve so its pitch black.
I found this too.... it's a bit awkward to get through but having made a special visit you find a way :cool: This is my favourite tunnel that I've explored so far, most others are a bit boring in comparison

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Can't beat this tunnel, it's one of the best in the midlands

Good work