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Report - ArcelorMittal (ARBED) Esch-Schifflange - Luxembourg - January 2020


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Some History

The steelworks in Schifflange were founded by the Metz family in 1871 as Usine METZ (Esch-Schifflange) and the first blast furnaces were installed in 1872 and 1873. In 1911 the Usine Metz became part of ARBED (Acieries Reunis de Burbach-Eich-Dudelange). In 1913 the first wire rod mill was installed and in 1925 the three steelwoks Esch-Belval, Terre-Rouge and Esch-Schifflange were connected by a gas pipeline. The first rolling mill followed in 1963. In the 1980s the plant was converted to the continuous casting of blooms, then in the 90s an electric furnace installed. In 1994 the company merged with the Belgian company Metallurgique et Miniere de Rodange Athus (MMRA) in order to form ARES (Acieris Rodange Esch-Schifflange). In 2002, ARBED and two other European steel-producing and manufacturing companies, Aceralia from Spain and French Usinor merged into Arcelor, which was taken over in 2006 by Mittal Steel to form Arcelor Mittal. The site was finally closed in 2013 due to weak demand.

Recent newspaper report suggest that ArrcelorMittal Esch-Schifflange, ArcelorMittal Dudelange and Terre-Rouge will be mothballed soon in order to make room for housing developments. While at the Esch-Schifflange site I met some fellow explorers who said that the security at Terre-Rouge had been tightened significantly and that they started to remove the silos.

The Explore

Exploring this site was pretty straightforward as there were no fences nor security to content with (at least when I visited). Most of the steelwork has been demolished and the large buildings are, to a large extend, just empty husks. Nevertheless there is still plenty to see. Even after mooching around for three hours - I left because of fading daylights - there were still large parts of the site I had not seen.

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