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Report - Archcliffe Galleries and St.Martins Deep Shelter Dover 01/2011



Just to finish off my Dover trip...

Archcliffe Galleries


The road “improvementsâ€￾ that took place in the 1960’s meant the demolition of Archcliffe Gate and the surrounding ditch to be filled in. Fortunately the galleries that were inside the gateway were left untouched, as were some of the surrounding walls. These walls would have housed defensive features such as gunrooms and the necessary means of ventilation to allow smoke created by the guns to escape.

Close to the galleries and guardroom are the rooms that were used as cells.








Saw this bits of what i think is fungi or moss,looks cool i thought..


St.Martins Deep Shelter...


Originally constructed during the Victorian era, St. Martin's Battery was extensively rebuilt and updated during the Second World War. At the rear of the gun positions the Victorian brickwork is still clearly visible, along with the contemporary expense magazines. Directly behind the battery is the deep shelter. This was constructed originally as a main magazine to supply the battery guns, but was extensively lengthened during the war to become a deep shelter. The deep shelter is now in poor condition, many parts having suffered from smoke damage and collapse.





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