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Report - Archcliffe Galleries, Western Heights, Dover - January 2013 Revisit


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I originally visited this site back in June with my original exploring buddy, and we made a bit of a pickle out of it really; my tripod fell apart when I got it out, and the torch we had was terrible. I stuck a report up regardless, full of slightly out of focus subjects lit by flash, which I'm not terribly proud of now.

On Wednesday night, on the way back from checking somewhere else out with a new member, I suggested Archcliffe as it was on the way home, and small enough to spend half an hour in. Some night say that the amount of mud that you get covered in on the way in isn't exactly worth it though :rolleyes: The fact we were in a hire car made the mud even more bothersome :laugh

Same history as my original report, borrowed from Underground Kent:

'The road “improvementsâ€￾ that took place in the 1960’s meant the demolition of Archcliffe Gate and the surrounding ditch to be filled in. Fortunately the galleries that were inside the gateway were left untouched, as were some of the surrounding walls. These walls would have housed defensive features such as gunrooms and the necessary means of ventilation to allow smoke created by the guns to escape. Close to the galleries and guardroom are the rooms that were used as cells.'






Thanks for reading (again). Few more photos on my blog if anyone's interested.




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