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Lead or Rumour info - Archway UCL Campus, London


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Not sure if there will be much of interest in here but it's a nice old building dating back to 1879 which was originally an infirmary before it became a university campus. It's been empty for a couple of years now according to online reports although I'd never noticed, but I'm rarely in that neck of the woods either. The tower certainly looks interesting if nothing else. I popped my head in when I spotted it from the beer garden across the road once and got busted pretty quickly, but I was very, VERY drunk!

Four security guards around the clock apparently so it could be good fun getting in! Images skanked off google I'm afraid :p




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Dude, i remember having a little parkour run in there for around half minute, a 6'5'' secca was pissed off and walked fast as heck towards me. Barely escaped with an ankle busted. and that was only in the front courtyard.


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Less parkour more stealth mate! :D I got inside the building but saw security's jacket on a chair straight away so backed up and he followed me out not long after. There is the odd camera but easy enough to avoid, it's a big place so I would be surprised if there isn't a chink in the armour somewhere.