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Question - Are maps useful for urban exploration and finding new places?

The Lone Ranger

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I find them very useful and they don't run out of battery power like a twat nav :D

The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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I have found new places using OS maps; but they have often been a bit too far gone to be honest
However, they are useful in finding tunnels & culverts if that's your bag (shrug)

Bertie Bollockbrains

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Bit of a traditionalist myself and still use old fashioned paper maps. Wouldn't even know how to turn on a sat nav myself.

OS maps do show places marked with words such as "shaft" or "derelict" which is useful and worth investigating. OS maps will reveal old unused railway and canal tunnels but really Google Streetview is the winner in this game and often identify the access points before you even leave home.

Oxygen Thief

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OS maps are good for finding culverts, as Wombat said. Haven't really found them of use for anything else.


Got Epic?
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Old OS maps can point you in the direction of where you may find old industry or similar. If its there 50+ years ago and its still there now check it out.

They also help when planning an explore. They show footpaths ad what not..

Its all free on Bing so use it! i do.

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