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28DL and UE in the News Argus 'Urban climber scaled Brighton Wheel' 25/06/13

Oxygen Thief

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Cheers for the mention Argus !

The craze was first reported in The Argus five years ago when it emerged a group of daredevils were climbing some of the tallest buildings in Sussex and posting pictures of their feats on the internet.

One man who called himself Oxygen Thief scaled a 250ft chimney at the derelict site of Shoreham Cement Works, which closed in 1991.
Shame that lad got rumbled, being held by the security staff. I doubt they have the right to do that for a non-criminal offence.


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"Security staff detained the man and handed him over to police after the incident on Sunday night."

I swear private security staff can't do that...

But props to the guy that done it - nice work, just shame it didn't go to plan haha!!


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security staff cant hold you for trespass unless you have caused harm or damage in any way, but thay will try to assert affority over you ...... dont let them ..... no your rights.... impressed oj in the paper and a big well done to the Free climbers ....


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He played it by the book, listened to and did what secca asked, police got called and was talked to as no offence was committed... pure top class.... just a shame they did not get all the way up,,, would be nice to see the photos and video anyhow....

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You pesky buggers climbing things and getting caught.

19/20 years old.... compliment