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Report - Ariel Automotive works, Birmingham June'09


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Ariel was a bicycle, motorcycle and automobile marque manufacturer based in Bournbrook, Birmingham, England. Car production moved to Coventry in 1911. The company dates back to 1847 when Ariel made an early pneumatic-tyred wheel for horse drawn carriages. The name was revived by James Starley and William Hillman in 1870 when they invented the wire-spoke wheel which allowed them to build a lighter weight bicycle and named it Ariel (the spirit of the air).In 1902, Components Ltd., owned by Charles Sangster, bought the company and began producing motorcycles, but the company suffered several financial crises including spells in receivership in 1911 and the early 1930s. In 1932, Components Ltd went bankrupt, and Jack Sangster, Charles Sangster's son, bought the Ariel subsidiary from the receivers at a bargain price. The company was renamed Ariel Motors (J.S.) Ltd, and promptly resumed production.The company name was reused in 1999 for the formation of Ariel Ltd, a sports car producer.










Looks like the Sky Rat killer has moved from the Birmingham Battery and Metal to here!!

Not too sure about dates, but when the Ariel manufacture stopped on this site, a company called Boxfoldia took over. They are a huge cardboard carton maker, who are now based in Redditch.

The site has been used as an art installation, and is heavilly graff'd inside. Not much remains internally, other than a cool open area with the chimney still in place.

Due to be pulled down, as of this week.