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Report - Arla Foods Dairy Factory- Essex - Novemeber 2016


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Arla foods was a dairy production factory in Hatfield Peverel in Essex and produced milk for big corporations and supermarkets across the UK. The Hatfield site had the capacity to process 356,000 litres of milk per day!

In March of 2016 the company announced the proposed plan to close the factory and spend £150 million on upgrading the companies bigger plant in Aylesbury which has the capacity to produce 1 billion litres of milk per year, this site is now the worlds largest dairy operation plant.

The closure of Hatfield would come at the loss of around 200 jobs and the possible re-location of only 32 employees.

The Factory ceased production in July 2016.


Today the site is still sitting not used. There is news of the site being turned into a housing estate for up to 177 new homes. This site would also include a shop, office space & a care home or restaurant.

Some ex-employees are worried and have expressed their concerns about this possibility. The Main Concerns lie with the fact the sewer system is only capable of handling waste milk, they have said the local residents will soon start to complain about the smell again.

The Explore

I had never heard of this site before and it was incredible to look around.

Upon arrival to the site it look as if it was still open, every exterior light was on inside and there seemed to be a security guard on site.

After trying one attempt at getting into the site, we were greeted with the site of the security guard wandering aimlessly on his phone and didn't even notice us at the fence staring directly at him.
So we went back to the car and waited for a bit to see if these walk around's were timed. After just over an hour of sitting and chomping down on one of Essex's finest big macs we thought it's now or never and decided to make our entrance.

Once inside we were greeted with lots of CCTV cameras and motion detection lights but it was too late to turn back now.

After doing a quick 10 min walk around the site we could see all the lights on and was just standing gazing at the machinery sitting inside.

Shortly after we found our entrance which wasn't the most graceful and also slightly sketchy. Might i add i only fell on my arse 3 times so i'd count that as a good entry!

So a bit bruised we made our way into the main complex and it was amazing! Just as we'd hoped and probably more!

All the processing equipment was still sitting in its place and ready to be packed away and moved onto another site or to be sold.

We spent around about 3 hours undisturbed hours inside, but convinced we didn't do it all. the place is pretty big! We didn't get a chance to do the outer buildings mainly because the security hut faced them and also because it was almost 1:30am and we were getting bit tired.

Anyway, enjoy the pics.

Explored this one with @slayaaaa, @WildBoyz, @UrbanDuck & @mrstewie.



















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