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Information - ARLA Milk Factory - Hatfield Peverel - April 17


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I noticed today that Arla closed down earlier last month due to investment into another larger Arla site, so I decided to check it out as it's only 10 minutes away from me.

I firstly arrived into the site from the back entrance as you take the junction for Hatfield Peverel off the A12.

Still gated all around however I found myself a gap in the fence to squeeze through.

I managed to take this one photo from thr inside which is from the external mills etc however I then noticed the main factories are in actual fact being demolished as we speak. Builders are already carrying out works.

This site won't be around much longer I should have thought, best exploration time would be evenings and weekends when the builders clock off their shifts!



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28DL Full Member
If it's being demo'd as you say, just post it.

The best thing to do is to use the locations map and work your way from there.
thats what the plan is anyways, not sure if its still proceeding. I'm just wondering if as I got busted on my way out! haha! would security or whoever be expecting a report to pop up online soon?

and thats what i've been doing, but most stuff near me is either now gone, demo'd/renovated or heavily patrolled.


Some things are best left untouched!
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Anyone got a full report and pictures from this place yet? I pass this daily on my way to work.