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Report - Arrochar Torpedo Testing Station May 2011


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I saw there was a report by canute recently so I decided to leave this one a wee while. Canute's report also had some interesting history of the place so check it out if you haven't done so already.

Myself and HorZaIX decided to take a trip up here and see what remained of the place after seeing various reports over the years and a couple of fires with seemingly alot of it destroyed which was unfortunate but it was still a beautiful place to visit despite the torrential rain and high winds :rolleyes:.

The site seen it's busiest period during WW2 but it's during WW1 that it has it's most infamous tale where Augusto Alfredo Roggen was caught nearby with suspicion of being a spy. He was caught with various weapons and invisible ink and was later sentenced to death and killed at the tower of London.

As always these stills were from a video I made which can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQdkChDOnbs

The remains of the pier with extensive fire damage.

Some of the surrounding hills were amazing.

The tracks from where I assume they would bring in torpedos.

The remains of this doorway made alot of noise in the wind.

The hose was long gone and I doubt it would have been any use in the recent fires.

A chair.

The opposite direction showing alot of the destroyed buildings in the distance.

A light in darkness.

This must have been where they would launch boats into the water.

Only a few bits remained indicating it was a military site which was a shame.

Further up there were some old caravans and a destroyed JCB.

Despite alot of it being destroyed the scenary was stunning making this a worthwhile visit. A few of the buildings appeared to be closed as well which might make this a decent re-visit in better weather.