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Not to play down the risk, as there is one of course - but unless you're working with it on a "one to one" basis or it is being disturbed at the time you're in the vicinity, I wouldn't worry about it.

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If a P3 floats your boat stick with it but I dont use one as the exposure time is that short. Biggest worry you have is gravity and crumbling floors!


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I work within the construction industry and i know i have come face to face with asbestos with no mask on, the thing is... unless you are working with it regularly i think you should just wear a decent p3 mask and try to keep your exposure time to a minimum...


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i've been told so many times that you only need to inhale one particle to die from it.
yes in the same way that it only takes one cigarette or one ray of radiation to mutate a cell in the wrong way to cause cancer. but in practice there is background radiation but the chances are most of us will get through life fine. Exposure to more radiation can move the odds but it comes down probabilities the amount and duration of exposures. I think this is perfectly analogous to asbestos.

Personally If I suspect there's a significant amount I use a paper p3 rated mask, because its small cheap and easy and stops me taking in lungfulls at a time. yes a rubber mask will work better, but as I say as long as Im not getting lung fulls Im happy. likewise I could get paranoid and wear a full hazmat suit thing but again its just about reducing it. I think there is a back ground asbestos level everyone inhales some, its back to the radiation analogy.

more interesting controversy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/...ve-asbestos-ads-were-wilfully-misleading.html


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It was interesting that the HSE got into bother recently because they had tarred all asbestos with the same brush, when in actual fact white asbestos is a completly different mineral and is harmless it would seem. Most of the stuff you come into contact with, eg "big six" roofing asbestos would seem to be ok.

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Bunker and Dweeb, my thoughts exactly. I mean, it does concern me, but then so should many other things in life that we enjoy, or are exposed to.


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The big concern is blue and then brown asbestos, thats the stuff they used to lag pipes, make gaskets and is sometimes in comercial buildings with, but then its only if its airbourne that its any concern. your not going to drop down dead from walking through an old factory with some pipes covered in the stuff!
The large majority of whats found in building construction is white which is the least harmful of the lot.

Im not saying its harmless, I will not expose myself to the stuff if I know its there, but its not something ill lose sleep over if I see a chunk of it laid on the floor.

Just be aware that when its airbourne, its not something you want to be actively inhaling. It can get pretty bad when in a bunker thats been smashed up and set on fire or somewhere similar.

If im out and its very suspect or known that theres asbestos, ill wear a mask. P3 is more than adequate, especially if its a proper face mask. I would be happy with P2


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Bunker and Dweeb, my thoughts exactly. I mean, it does concern me, but then so should many other things in life that we enjoy, or are exposed to.
I agree with that, im more concerned about the floor giving way or the floor not even being there. Whilst I appreciate a lot of people have died from asbestos related death not every single person who came into contact with it died.

I just use a bit of common sense and do go touching or disturbing anything unless I know what it is.
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