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Report - Ashley Road Deep Shelter; Epsom. Oct 17

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Ashley Road Deep Shelter, Epsom


This public air raid shelter is one of a number commissioned by Surrey Council just before the beginning of WW2. It is similar in layout and construction as the Foxenden Quarry and Coulsdon shelters, some sections being lined with brick or corrugated steel and other parts remaining unlined. The system of parallel tunnels are accessed via a long passage in a deep cutting of the hillside.

The Explore

This was our 3rd area of the day, but 7th underground explore. It was nearly dark and very quiet. The pleasant walk along unsuspecting woodland paths seemed an unlikely place for this shelter. I was told it was sold to a company for air soft play games and evidence of plastic balls were everywhere.

Going inside although topside, but cut into cliff face, it felt a bit strange that we may come across people, though we didnt. Signs of activity were around.

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