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The baths have been scaffolded for a few months now, chimney would look fun :thumb


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I doubt the council offices will be demolished any time soon as they would be in a breach of at least 6 contracts each with a minimum £100k penalty. Judging by the phone equipment at the top. Plus o2 have fitted 4g (by looking at the antennas) within the last 2 years and wouldn't have done that if they were going to loose the site. More than likely the building will be repurposed. I know of a couple of places that were due to be demolished but couldn't be because of the phone masts and it would cost too much to buy out the contracts. I know one case where they went ahead and demolished anyway without removing the masts first and without contacting the phone company. The owners of the site were taken to court and made to pay for a new mast equipment and compo. For a grand total in the region of £600k per provider plus loss of income (traffic based) for 5 years. (There were 4 providers). So the demo actually ended up costing more than they would get for the land. Plus bankrupting the original company. So yeh the contracts are water tight and the phone companies play extreme hard ball. The council will have an extremely tough job. From that picture there is o2 EE h3g and vf on site and it looks like a hub site (site feeding other sites)


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28DL Full Member
Btw if anybody is interested. The antennas on the edge of the roof are o2 also shared by vf. The antennas on the edge roof of the small building are h3g 4g antennas and the antennas on the stub mast are ee. There are also siae microwave dishes. Nec pasolink dishes and a minilink dish. Plus there will be bt corporate fibre feeding each site. So it is quite an important site as if gives the signal to other sites.