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Report - Assorted Rooftops, Leeds – January 2011


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This trip started with Appo and Rookie jumping on a train to Manchester, After hitting rooftops like nobody’s business we walked home with our heads held high - We even hit some fresh stuff too.

Various curries and pizzas later we sat flicking through blogs and forums, Leeds came up a couple times. With Rookie asleep and the seed half planted Appo booked the £3 each bus fare to Leeds. Bearing in mind this great idea was at 2:32am and the bus departed at 5:45am - there wasn’t much chance in a sleep.

With tired faces we walked off the bus after being woken by the driver shouting ‘Leeeeeeeds, Leeeeeds’, McDonalds was the first port of call and then off to ‘The Queens Hotel’ for a sleep.





After a doze under some warm fans we headed off to Opal 3, this place is f*cking tall for student halls. Access to the roof was simple enough so we chilled, took in the sights and noted other roofs that we wanted to have a crack at.





A ride in the lift brought us to the common room. Heating, sofas, drinks machines and a 40†television – what more could sleep deprived explorers ask for. We drifted back off after watching box set worthy Trawler Wars under the watchful eye of a security guard sat behind a pc.

The same security guard had moved and was now sat directly behind me when I had woken up, he was sat drinking tea but was deeply entranced by catching fish on the television, a quick hidden text to Rookie got us ready to leave and as soon as he walked off we bailed.


Sky Tower is another large student halls in Leeds but the roof is sadly unaccessable, we sat at the top of the stairs again knackered once again from not sleeping properly the night before. It was the same sort of common room but with light switches. Off the lights went and within ten minutes we were all asleep. We had time to check one more roof out before the bus ride home – Park Plaza Hotel.

From here we could see where we had slept/explored throughout the day, the police helicopter was doing it’s rounds so we got a few photographs and disappeared to the bus stop.



Thanks for Looking, Gone...​


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Few Of Mine :thumb






Big up to Gone and Rookie for a sick weekend :crazy​

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