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Report - Atelier Decor, Hulshout, Belgium March 2013


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Another long gone place from a long ago Euro trip.

Atelier Decor was one of my favourite Belgian locations - part industrial sculptors workshop, part residential with a crazy 'cave room' on the ground floor the owner presumably created himself. At the front was a small, but very pretty, very empty house and out back was a sprawling mass of industrial sheds and warehouses containing a ridiculous amount of stuff. It was a great fun place to explore, so much so I went back later that year with some guys who hadn't seen it before and had just as much fun poking around and soaking up the experience a second time.

As is usual with European stuff, I'll be buggered if I can find any factual history other than the fact the house was called Villa Janssens apparently, or that was the surname of the owner or who knows really. A year or so after my visit all the warehouses at the back were cleared out and demolished however the house I believe is still there as it's protected under the Belgian version of our listing system from what I heard.

Thanks for looking :)​