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Report - Atkinson Walker Saws, Falcon Works, Sheffield, May 2019


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Great stuff. The old photos really add a lot. Am I allowed to use the word 'ghost'?....the ghost signs are wonderful.
Ha, yeah I think we can get away with ghost in this context. ;-)

The *spooky* thing is they're much more legible in the pics than they are in person - they're on the pillars between the bricked up arches in this pic. I've biked past endless times and never noticed them before.




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Nice one fella looks alright in there
Nice one. Never realised that had closed. Just enough left to make it interesting!
Nice report indeed still got a lot of interesting features.
Sad to hear that has gone.
A little empty but enough left to make it look a decent mooch. Great report!
Thank you. Not many of this kind of thing left in Sheffield, as you'll all be well aware, so although it's pretty much stripped out it still feels like a minor treat to have a poke about in. I also missed the fact that it had closed, somehow, or I'd have slithered in earlier!

Not being a photographer I've never really understood the fuss made about film - but they certainly came out nicely here.
Thanks - I've not used film since I was a kid and enjoyed having a go - was much more considered about what I was snapping. Was chatting to @HughieD and he suggested it's like a bit like vinyl vs mp3 - not as convenient, but there's definitely a subtle difference that makes it worth the effort.