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Report - Atkinson Walker Saws, Sheffield - July 2019


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Sadly there isn't much left of this place now, it seems like time has taken its tole on the building and its insides. But nether the less, I decided to delve inside and see what is left of this explore.

You can check out all my photos from this explore here on my Flickr.

Despite moving to a new premises and still operating, Atkinson Walker Saws was once based in this building up until 2018. The company describes itself as “one of the leading UK manufacturers of high quality Tungsten Carbide Tipped circular saw blades, incorporating modern equipment and techniques alongside the traditional skills of saw making".

The explore:
Although entry was pretty simple and easy, I was vey conscious of the nearby CCTV cameras from several operating buildings nearby, but nothing came of my explore and I was left in peace. There isn't much left of this place now, but there are a few noteworthy photos opportunities still available. The site is essentially a long series of factory buildings until, at the very end, you're greeted with a courtyard of some sort - which I didn't risk entering due to the large CCTV camera that seems to be pointing directly into the yard.


The old stove inside provides an insight into the history of the building, with it being provided and built by Moorwood Sons and Co Ltd.


Not much remains inside the building and as tempting as it seemed to climb the wooden staircase, the rot and condition of the upper floor begged to differ.


At one point in the explore it sounded like I was definitely not alone, the scuttling of feet from the roof suggested that local 'wildlife' had made this their home.


No electricity here.