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Report - Auchinleck House, Five Ways Shopping Center, Birmingham - May 2014


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(into pinched off Pom:thumb)
Built originally as the office block above the Five Ways shopping centre, The building was completed in 1965. It is currently undergoing major redevelopment to be turned into a hotel.

Been up a few times but not snapped any pictures. Done by pom and others a while ago, and construction rates seem to have slowed right down until recently. More permanent fences have gone up around the perimeter and cranes have been making busy work of the entrance section. Lots of scaffolding and what seems like a lift system bolted to the side.

All the floors are completely empty, even with lots of the large paned glass windows being removed. The staircase facing broad street looks rather good at night due to its large windows that go up the side. Doors to the roof/control room are now locked, however there is still access to the roof elsewhere.

Security wander around (particularly if you set off a flood light :rolleyes: ) but we managed to avoid them, despite a few very close calls! From what im aware the basement/ground floor are alarmed. Visited with thooooom and two none members. Never seems to be many rooftop reports in birmingham, which is a shame :( If anyones up for doing some in birmingham, or surrounding areas, hit me up.





Resolution of the pictures seem to have dropped off uploading to photobucket, i'll see if i can sort it asap.




This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Nice stuff mate! Hoping to get this place done looks asbthough I better stop putting it off and move my ass. Your right, Birmingham explorers needvto start cracking more high stuff, got a few leads at tge minute hoping to go with some in next few days.

Good job again


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Will do matey

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