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Report - Awesome Exploration to Barrow Hospital


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It is well worth making the effort to see this one, A good three to four hour visit. I finally went on the 30th of May. I went with Darmon-Richter and another urbex buddy. Even though there is demolition going on, It adds to the awesome sights. Buildings,wards, doors and tunnels. Once we were in it was easy to move around the site. Though we were careful because of security and cameras. One of the best finds were the service tunnels, That seem to link the buildings under ground. Because of going in out, Up and down. Our bearings was thrown a few times. We had a basic map of the buildings but no names. I'm glad we had it though. I hope to go back some day :)


Open day in this ward


Service tunnel, one of many


The painted window pains make this room


Honest it's not a smaller door way, It's just farther away


Lick of paint, Good as new


Wash your face in my sink :)