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Report - Aylesbury County hall - September 2013

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So this building has been on my list for a very long time with been the tallest building for miles around it's the tallest in Aylesbury vale and Buckinghamshire. With this also been a live council site i thought it would be impossible. I have tried various times to do this from the inside but always failed at the top due to people been in the office, coded doors on the lower floors and also the door at the top been well sealed with metal shutters ( hence it been on the back burner ).
So searching the internet one day saw that they were changing all of the windows in the gaff made me realize this could actually be doable, 1 and a half years later there i was stood on the top of this beauty.

The building stands 200 ft. high and consists of 15 floors sitting above a complex containing the County Reference Library, Aylesbury Register Office, and the County Record Office. Inside it bought together for the first time all the departments and machinations of Buckinghamshire County Council. The building is visible from many villages and towns several miles distance. It was completed in 1966.

So the night of the climb i was a bit nervous as i knew there was on site security and also camera's around the gaff as the place holds very important documents of Buckinghamshires history. I knew i had to be fairly quick with gaining access and after about a 40ft free climb to where i needed to be i knew i had done the hard part. The view didn't hit me until i reached the top. Now for the pics.












Thanks for looking

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