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Report - B-24J Consolidated Liberator B-24J WW11 Crash site 30-3-2011


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Visited earlier in the year,
Not a difficult site to find unlike some and a fairly easy walk from the nearest road.Somewhat uphill (they seldom seem to crash in easy locations)but easy going.

"The aircraft was being ferried from Burtonwood to Hardwick by a two man ferry crew on the 11th October 1944, the two men took off in the aircraft from Burtonwood near Warrington at 10:32. The set a course of 135o and climbed to an indicated altitude of 2800 feet. At approximately 10:45 while in cloud and moderate to severe turbulence Lt Houpt spotted a small gap in the cloud and saw the ground was only about 150 feet below him. He then applied full power and began to climb, but before they could gain any meaningful height the aircraft struck the ground on Mill Hill some 1.5 miles from the Grouse Inn between Hayfield and Glossop.

The two men extricated themselves from the shattered cockpit and walked along one of the streams until they reached the Hayfield to Glossop road. A passing lorry driver stopped and picked them up and took them to a nearby pub where Lt Houpt telephoned Burtonwood to report the accident. They were then retrieved by an Ambulance from Burtonwood and their injuries were then treated. These were mainly cuts & bruises but Lt Houpt did suffer a broken jaw."

Info again courtesy of T'internet.

Nice to see the radial engines still in place ...although they have had a fairly hard life exposed to the weather let alone the initial impact .