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Report - B.R.I Bristol, Service tunnels. 06-06-09


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As the B.R.I. is not derelict I'm sure this will end in the bin.
I met up with pseudonym and we ventured in to the service tunnels.
It was easy to get round the labyrinth of tunnels. Though the tunnels looked the same, Square and full of pipes.
With in 5 meters of walking any tunnel would end in climbing up or down a ladder to start another tunnel. I did not have any clue where we were under the hospital.
There were places that had benches and tables for the maintenance folk. I really don't know how they work down there.
Being working service tunnels, The heat is out of this world. The coveralls, Mask and gloves didn't help with the heat.
Because of asbestos I only got my camera out in the safer spots. There are sign when entering an asbestos zone. Though we wore the safety gear through out.
I would like to do more of this one, but the heat can become unbearable.

The entrance of the inferno

1 of hundreds of tunnels that look the same

1 of many locked manhole covers

Yay prefab tunnel

Prefab the other way

Which pipe was it

There were some good stalactites

But much better stalagmites


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As Petzl said, I went in during the snow storms in February. I'm not sure how much hotter it was, but coming back out into the snow was fantabulous.

Each major tunnel branch seems to lead to a plant room in each building. I think we've only gone to St Michael's and the BRI, so there are probably a few more branches and explores left down there.

I've dug out the pics I took in Feb. They have no real form or composition, but they show a bit more of the place.

Tunnel in the dark

Tunnel in the light

A stalic...something ending in ite.

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