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Report - B29 Superfortress ''Overexposed'' Crash Site - Derbyshire


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B29 Superfortress ''Overexposed'' - September 2016

I had a meander across Bleaklow moors that ended up with me completely lost sinking in boggy peat and going around in circles with a setting sun hunting for the crash site of B29 Superfortress named ‘’Overexposed’’.

Overexposed was fitted out as a reconnaissance aircraft and filmed all the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll.

The B29 crashed in 1948 killing all 13 airmen on board, but sixty odd years on many major structural spars remain, undercarriage struts, pulley wheels for internal control cables, and even large sections of the light aluminium alloy from which the fuselage was constructed, have survived the ravishes of the Bleaklow weather. The most instantly recognisable parts of the aeroplane are the four 18-cylinder Wright R-3350-23 engines, still in a remarkable state of preservation. Its thought that she was flown into the ground by instrument malfunction and/or pilot error.

Full set on my homepage http://www.derpage.com/b29-superfortress



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