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Back After A While - Pilor School, Train Service Station & Monastery


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It's been a while since i've been urbexing.
Due to covid19, family suff and work i haven't found the time to get back into is.
Today (27/12/21) i got into it again and went on an adventure.

- Our first top was a abandoned pilot school in Wallonia, Belgium
It's been a while since i've been here, 2018 to be exact.
And it was just as easy to get into as it was 3 years ago.
It's a pain to see that most of the place has been vandalised but i suppose that's what you get with a know location like this.
Not much to say about it, it's cool and hearing airplanes fly above you at landing height is pretty cool too! (there is your hint for the people looking for it)

- Location number 2 is a bit less know.
It's also a place i have visited about 3 years ago and i'm happy to see everything is still relatively the same.
This one is also not a location you randomly stumble upon, and the people that do come there are scared of by the nearby trap house.
This place used to operate as a service station for the NMBS ( the Belgian railroad company ) and it's pretty cool seeing the glass roof still in 1 piece (for 95%)

- Location number 3 is a close one to my heart.
Also a very know location in the Belgian community and loved by many others.
That of course also means it has seen some better days, and it sure has.
Last time i was here the church & monastary were still in a very good shape with almost all furniture in place.
It's turned into a hang out place for the local kids who have been making campfires with the furniture (the ashes were still warm)
Next to the local kids it's very obvious that it's a sleeping place for some homeless people.

At the end of the day, it's good to be back.
I'm not a big photography guy, but i hope you guys like the little pictures i took.
Belgium is filled with a lot of cool locations and i can't wait to get to know some new ones!
Happy holidays guys, see you around!

- камень


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Saw them on FB, 1st time ive actually been on the site in mths. But the poster said he was posting as he used to work there, and accessing the site. The morgue looks how it did years after being trashed tbh.