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Report - Backache, Leicester - April 2013


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After having this on my little "Check out" map for a while and seeing the portal the night previous we decided that this evening we should pop along and check this and a couple of other possibles out. This is part of the culverted "Braunstone Brook" I believe and this particular section is 1/2 a mile long of stooping. Due to its awkward nature we decided that we shall give it a name "Backache" because if you do it enough times, that is certainly what you will get, we intend to return to explore the rest of the culvert at a later date.

Its mostly box sectioned with a couple of CSO outfalls that are a bit too small to be bothered to crawl through. Its a very boring explore in all reality luckily I had the company of a couple of friends, one of whom could not find his wellys.







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A local culvert I have been wanting to explore for a while now. I'm sure my recent purchase of waders will come in handy, no wellies either!
And I'm certainly not afraid to crawl either; too curious for my own good.

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