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Report - Bacup Branch Tracklifting, 21/10/1968


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The Rossendale Valley, north of Manchester, was an important cotton mill area, having the damp climate and originally water power for the machinery. A railway was built up the valley, from Bury to Bacup in stages, opening throughout in 1852. Later, a branch to Rochdale was opened in 1865. By 1880, the original single track between Waterfoot and Bacup had been doubled, needing a second tunnel through 'The Glen', where the river Irwell and the road pass through a gorge.
The Bacup - Rawtenstall line lasted until December 1966, the line having plenty of trains right up to the end, with a 20 minute service on Saturdays. A basic Bury - Rawtenstall over a now singled line lasted a few more years, but this section was then preserved and is now operated by the East Lancashire Railway Preservation society.
Hearing that the Bacup line was being lifted, I went for an explore. Contractors were cutting the rails into short lengths and loading everything into rail wagons. They were happy to pose, but then a main line diesel loco approached and the inspector with it wanted my name and address for trespassing. What do you think he got told?
Anyway, here are the pics, the tracklifting is between the 2 'Glen' tunnels.


Tracklifting gang


Defo the last train!




Diesel loco just passed Waterfoot Station


Knocking the rail keys out, WaterFoot station


1970's remains of Waterfoot

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