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Report - Bacup ROC Aug 2015


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My first report on here so please be gentle.



I've seen other reports on this site and its not been done for quite a few years.
We found ourselves at a loose end and kenni had been wanting to go back to Bacup having been before.
I've been on quite a few missions with kenni ( I call them missions because there's no easy route to get anywhere with him. If there's a dense forrest or bogland to walk through he'll find it ) and took quite a few pics but never bothered to post them. so to shut him up here goes.

Having visited Atherton ROC I did some research and found this post in Bacup. The last lot of reports seem to suggest that this place was on its way out and we wasn't even sure if it was going to still be there.
As the pictures will show I don't think it will be long before this place disappears forever.

It was built in 1961 and closed in 1991. Apparently history say's there was a dome to this place which made it a master post although no evidence of this now exists. The post is on an overgrown compound on the edge of Bacup golf course, near the 4th tee, and seems to have been recently cut back. The entrance is no longer locked, well to be fair its not even attached, and inside its well and truly flooded as kenni's boots will proove.

Enjoy the pics and thanks for looking.​


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Would love to see the photos when there up.

Choo Choo m8ty

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Damn would like to see what it looks like lol. Maybe will sort it. Wait at see

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